Friday, February 18, 2011

Toffee Slurpee & Mine Shine Milk Tea

7-11 is often the best place to go to buy snacks and little foodstuff you need to satisfy your thirst and hunger. Things there are fairly priced to cater to all classes of the population. 7-11 is famous for it's Slurpees and on the go food, such as donuts, hotdogs and rice meals. Today's review, Mine Shine Milk Tea and the Toffee Slurpee.

The Slurpee Machine.

Groovy Toffee. 

Mine Shine Milk Tea


He Says: I like Slurpees. I have particular favorites, but the Toffee isn't going to be one of them. It's okay to drink, but it won't quench your thirst. The flavor is a mix of coffee and the fizz of coke. Not really the type to get me to buy it again. Moving on, the Milk Tea isn't my personal favorite. It tastes like water. That's the end of that. Haha.

Rating: Toffee Slurpee = 6/10; Mine Shine = 3/10

She Says: Slurpees are good when you need something really cold to cool you down and if you need something to quench your thirst. This particular flavor only did one of those two and that was to cool you down. It's a mix of coffe with the fizz of coke. Mine Shine is what I buy to satisfy my milk tea cravings a couple of years ago but now that i've found Zen Tea and Tea Central i've realized that it ain't that good anymore.

Rating: Toffee Slurpee = 5/10; Mine Shine = 4/10

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