Friday, February 18, 2011


University Week in the light at DLSU-Manila. Besides the various shows, and talent searches, the highlight of DLSU's University Week has to be the very interesting Bazaar held every year. Different booths for different products. Food is the underlining of what the Bazaar stands for. Featured here is the very interesting, Frozen Banana. It comes in DLSU Green Chocolate (White Chocolate with Green Food Coloring) and the Ordinary Chocolate, garnished with toppings. At around 30-35php, the Frozen Banana delivers a "chilly" yet sweet punch.

The Booth.

DLSU Green Chocolate

Rice Krispies as Toppings.


He Says: Bananas are my favorite fruits. I could probably eat a whole bunch in one sitting. The DLSU Frozen Banana was one of the weirdest, yet tastiest desserts I've tried. Green Chocolate? Who would thought right? It's pretty good. At 35php students can buy all they want, provided they have the cash of course. But, if you're conscious about your smile, watch it. It leaves the Green Coloring, but it'll come off once you start licking your teeth. 

Rating = 9/10

She Says: I came back to their booth EVERY DAY! Not only were they yummy but they were really cheap too! I am definitely gonna try this out myself one time! :)

Rating: 10/10

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