Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hazelnut Milk Tea: Tea Central

Recently, Milk Tea has been all the rage in the Taft Area. Establishments such as ZenTea, Tea D'Lites and Simple Line have made a name for good Milk Tea. A newcomer has come into the Taft Scene, Tea Central. The place is located above Starbucks and has a few surprises for certified Milk Tea-haulics. 

Their Workstation.

A look at their menu.

Gab and their Hazelnut Milk Tea.

The have a Facebook page.


He Says: I guess this day was a day of firsts. Love and I had come from Alex III and tried a few dishes there. It wasn't bad, it was actually good. My thoughts on Tea Central? I thought it was going to be crushed by ZenTea. I thought wrong. I tried their Hazelnut Milk Tea and it was good. Really good. It may be a little pricey, but it was worth the money. They have other stuff on their menu I'd like to try, so I'd definitely go back to this place. 

Rating:  10/10

She Says: I don't know if it's their really cute logo or the fact that it was something new but one of the two was what probably led us to trying the new place.  We were SUPER FULL from Alex III I don't know where we found the space for milk tea. Some might say it's just another milk tea place but Tea Central offers drinks that you may not find anywhere else at the moment (ex. Their Yakult Series). It's a little expensive for someone on a student's budget but it won't hurt to try every once in a while ;)

Rating: 10/10

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