Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Papa John's: Taft

Like I promised Love, I'd take to one of awesome-est Pizza place I've ever eaten at, Papa John's. Finally they have a branch that's close enough to experience the awesomeness. I've eaten at the Papa John's in the US and this place brings back all the joys of it. Finally, a really good Pizza place around Taft.

The Mascot.

My turn.

Their Logo and Tagline.

The usual quick Pic.

In my white shades.

Look at all the people!


The best! Margherita Pizza!


The yummy dipping sauce.

Bottomless Iced Tea.

Cheese Sticks!

The dip.

Our waiter dropped one piece from the Cheese Sticks were ordered. 
Little did we know, he gave us another batch...for free.

Happy Customers!


He Says: Papa John's is by far one of the best Pizza places I've ever eaten at. I've tried the ones in the US and this does not fail to satisfy. Their best sellers are still the best, but the size is different though. But hey, it was enough to fill my tummy. Simply, AWESOME!

Rating: 10/10

She Says: Yummy but not pocket friendly. It's one of the best places to eat when you have the money! Their Garlic Dip is sooo good you just HAVE TO TRY IT! You should give their cheese sticks a shot too! they're enough to fill one's small appetite ;)

Rating 10/10

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