Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chowking: Wanton, Chicharap and Pork Siomai

In the Philippines, they don't have a lot of the quick Chinese Takeout joints like the ones you see in the US. Often they're just copies or wannabes when it comes to Chinese Takeout. One place that does a good job is Chowking. This place well known for their cheap and somehow authentic Chinese Food.

Their Wanton.

Pork Siomai.

One of their Classics, Chicharap.

Stick my Chicharap Tongue out.

Love does the same. Haha.



He Says: When I get noodle cravings, Chowking usually solves it. Their Wanton is really really good. Plus it's cheap. The Pork Siomai is good too. Their Chicharap is my peronsal favorite. I can probably go through 3-4 orders easy. It's simply the best. And it's really really really cheap.

Rating: Chicharap = 10/10; Wanton = 9/10; Pork Siomai = 8/10

She Says: I'm a big fan of their congee and pork siomai. The congee wasn't available so I opted for my next favorite, their wanton! :) Their wanton is really yummy but sometimes it look like they didn't put much effort in the dish cause all the noodles are still stuck together. but the taste's still the same anyway. Their chicharap, not a big fan but it's yummy and definitely worth a try. It's different from your average prawn crackers. The siomai? try it yourself. super yummy!!

Rating: Chicharap = 10/10; Wanton = 9/10; Pork Siomai = 10/10

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