Tuesday, March 13, 2012

711 Hotdogs: Bacon Cheese and Chicken Cheese and The Big Gulp

Looking for a quick stop and suppress the munchies? 711 has some of the best food bites that could keep your hungry self munching for a while. Not only are they cheap, they pack quite a mean punch. If you're on the go, you definitely have to try the 711 Hotdogs with their Big Gulp.

Chicken Cheese and Bacon Cheese (29php each)

The BIG GULP (35php)


He Says: 711 is one of my favorite convenience stores. They've good a lot of stuff and their cheap. I'm a fan of their Hotdogs too. The Bacon Cheese is really really good. If I have a short burst of hunger, I'd definite go for this Hotdog. The Chicken Cheese is good too. I have yet to try the others, but by far, their Hotdogs are impressive. The Big Gulp is definitely BIG. It's value for your money too. If you're really thirsty, gotta have these.

Rating: Bacon Cheese = 9/10; Chicken Cheese = 9/10; Big Gulp = 9/10

She Says: If you're hungry and on a budget or running short on time, head on out to the closest 7-11 near you. Me and Gab have been a fan of their hotdogs for a while now. Food and drinks are affordable especially for students with dwindling budgets.

Rating: Bacon Cheese = 9/10; Chicken Cheese = 9/10; Big Gulp = 10/10


  1. i like the spicy hotdog that they have.. siopao's good too!

  2. I'm not sure which one I usually buy.haha. I just take whatever's available! ;)


  3. Grabe, hindi ko pa pala na-follow tong blog mo T_T But better late than never diba? LOL. Regarding this post naman, usually na-p-purchase ko na lang from 7-Eleven are their junk food. LOL. BUt I miss buying their hotdogs.



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