Thursday, March 15, 2012

K's Diner: Roast Beef & Baked Macaroni

We were at Gab's Grandmother's House to stop by for dinner, and his Dad decided to order from his Aunt's restaurant, K's Diner. K's has been around for quite sometime. Opening back in 1998, this little restaurant has branched out to other locations in Pampanga, but decided to keep it's two best branches running. It's main goal is to serve "family" type dishes, to cater to families and restaurant go-ers to cheap yet quality food. 

Up for review, Roast Beef and Baked Macaroni.


Roast Beef
Comes in 3 juicy slices!

Baked Macaroni


He Says: Can I say one thing about this place? I'm tired of the food. Haha. Just kidding. I've going here for a very long time. If we have no other place to eat at, we actually end up eating here. The food is great, although some dishes have limited availability. The Roast Beef has been a favorite. It's savory and meaty. Despite the size, it actually fills you up as you chow down every bite. The Baked Mac is something classic from his restaurant. Not too cheezy, not too saucy, not too meaty. Just a good combination and balance of these elements.

Rating: Roast Beef = 9/10; Baked Mac = 9/10

She Says: Well, i'm not tired of this :)) I've only had it a couple times. So far so good! The gravy for their roast beef is scrumptious! The beef is thinly cut but I believe the serving is good for anyone's hungry tummy :) The macaroni and cheese was tasty. I thought the noodles were too soft. On the other hand, the sauce was meaty and tasty. The sauce might be the reason I order this again.

Rating: Roast Beef = 9/10; Baked Mac = 8/10 


  1. I love comfort food! :) But maybe they could avoid using styro. :\ And mas classy din if you use microwave safe containers. :)


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