Friday, January 13, 2012

Cioccolo's: Mudslide, Vanilla Bailey's & Velvet Creme Brulee Cake

It was a night out for us, and we had just come from a very good dinner. We wanted to catch some dessert and spend a little more time out together, so we hit up Gab's favorite High School hangout, Cioccolo's. It's a best kept secret, being that it is found a secluded area around Angeles City. Located within the premises of the Grand Palazzo Royale, the place looks like a very classy place. 

Up for review: Mudslide, Vanilla Bailey's & Velvet Creme Brulee Cake.


Gab and his Mudslide.

Mimi and her Vanilla Bailey's.


The Bestseller, Velvet Creme Brulee Chocolate with Dulce de Leche Cake. (Phew!)


We were on the sofas. Comfy!


The very elegant Grand Palazzo Royale.


He Says: Cioccolo has always been a favorite. I just haven't been around to hang out here again. The place is still pretty good and it's gotten bigger and better. Moving on, the Mudslide wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst. It's pretty decent, considering it tasted a lot like Peanut Butter. Plus the drink got better when you're about to finish it. The Vanilla Bailey's was something. Creamy Vanilla with that kick of Bailey's. I'm gonna order this again when we come back. The Velvet Creme Brulee was a surprise. I'm a big fan of their Ferrero Cake, but this one has become a new favorite. Really, really good. White Chocolate with that distinct Cheesecake flavor at the end. Must order this again too!

Rating: Mudslide = 8/10; Vanilla Bailey's = 10/10; Velvet Creme Brulee = 10/10

She Says: This area is a bit secluded but it's lovely. You drive through rows of trees decorated with christmas lights and at the end you'll see the Grand Palazzo Royale. Gab's Mudslide tasted like really good peanut butter :))) It's not bad, it's just not for people like me who don't like peanut butter. The Vanilla Baileys was something that I did not have second thoughts with. Baileys is my favorite Irish Cream and having it in my drink was just heaven. It was really good but not as good as the Velvet Creme Brulee Cake. I haven't tasted any cake like it before. I was actually craving it a day after and two days after and i'm still looking forward to having it again the next time i'm in Pampanga.

Rating: Mudslide = 8/10; Vanilla Bailey's = 10/10; Velvet Creme Brulee = 10/10

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