Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Coffee Academy: Choco Acad & Cafe Mocha by Gabriel

It was after Gab's Basketball game and we didn't wanna head home just yet. We figured we'd grab some coffee somewhere and hangout for a while. The Coffee Academy is another place Gab and his friends go to for hangouts and time-killing.

Up for review: The Choco Acad & Cafe Mocha by Gabriel.

It's quite small compared to your usual coffee shop

They have other drinks besides coffee

They serve food too!

These aren't ours but they looked so good!

Waiting for our drinks :)


He Says: The one thing that I find troubling with the Choco Acad was the size. It's never as big as you would get at other coffee shops, but the taste is good for it's size. It's cheaper than most places, and it's good. It's just the size that gets to me. The Cafe Mocha is a classic mocha type drink. Nothing extraordinary, but it's good nonetheless.

Rating: Choco Acad = 8/10; Cafe Mocha = 7/10

She Says: Gab's right. When he took me for coffee at The Coffee Academy I thought it was gonna be like the coffee shops in manila. It's quite different, this coffee shop serves meals like pasta and rice (I believe). The people we saw dining there were mostly families and businessmen who were having meetings. The coffee is good. Not very strong and a bit too watery. The biggest size was a grande in starbucks. The drinks in general are okay. Not something i'd crave for anytime soon.

Rating: Choco Acad = 7/10; Cafe Mocha = 7/10

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