Monday, November 14, 2011

Gong Cha: Wintermelon Chocolate

Gong Cha is leading the race in terms of the Milk Tea race in the Philippines (that's according to the stall in the G4). They have many great flavors from the regular Milk Tea to their Ice Cream Milk Tea. We decided to try out their Wintermelon Milk Tea and Chocolate Milk Tea.


He Says: I'm actually surprised by the taste of the Wintermelon. What looks to be a sweet fruity drink, turned out to be a creamy, milky and sweet tasting drink. Definitely becoming of my favorites. Their Chocolate Milk Tea is a little thicker and creamy than most Chocolate Milk Tea drinks. Very good for both drinks.

Rating: Wintermelon = 10/10; Chocolate Milk Tea = 10/10

She Says: Ever since we've tried Gong Cha in Mall of Asia  it has always been the only place I can go to that will satisfy my milk tea cravings. I've never tried Wintermelon before but i'm really glad I did! I'm also glad that I tried the in gong cha! Even my friends say that it's been the best Wintermelon they've ever had! As for the Chocolate Milk Tea, It tastes like a really creamy dark chocolate drink :) not bad.

Rating: Wintermelon = 10/10; Chocolate Milk Tea = 10/10

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  1. I love Gong Cha especially their branch in Glorietta 4 Food choices. Although I hope they make a separate store because a lot of people often crowd the way. They got a lot of patrons if you ask me.


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