Monday, October 24, 2011

Italianni's: Chicken Italianni's, Carbonara, Watermelon and Pineapple Shake

It was another Italian day out as we celebrated our 26th Monthsary at Italianni's. It was our first Italianni's together, so we decided to take your appetite there. It was really cozy place to be and the food was great. Up for review, Chicken Italianni's, Carbonara, Watermelon and Pineapple Shake.

Gab enjoying the free bread.

Pineapple Shake.

Watermelon Shake.

Phil Lim's Shirt! Haha.


The monstrous Chicken Italianni's

Ironman award.


He Says: The Chicken Italianni's was huge! I didn't know it would be like that. The Potato Wedges were awesome. Soft and with the right amount of Saltiness.  The Italian Sausages had the right amount of Spice and Meatiness. The Chicken had a lemon-y flavor to it because of the herb-wine sauce. The Chicken Italianni's was amazing. The Carbonara was classic. Creamy and the bacon was awesome! The Pineapple Shake was legit. It was made from 100% Pineapple. Nothing but the best.

Rating: Chicken Italianni's = 10/10; Carbonara = 10/10; Pineapple Shake = 9/10

She Says: It was our first Italianni's date together :) I got the Carbonara, Serving size is okay, it was good and you get what you pay for. nothing too special though. The Chicken Italianni's was something special though. It was scrumptious! It had this little lemon aftertaste to it.It was really good! The watermelon shake tasted like watermelon placed in a blender and served (I mean that's how it's supposed to be right?) But I was hoping that they would've at least tasted it and made it more appealing to my taste buds. A little sugar would've helped but it was good enough, I guess.

Rating: Chicken Italianni's = 10/10; Carbonara = 9/10; Watermelon Shake = 7/10


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