Saturday, June 4, 2011

Crepes and Cream: Choco-Vanilla Banana Crepe and Vanilla Milkshake

Crepes are very flat pancakes, according to Talladega Nights. Haha. Anyway. We stopped by Crepes & Cream to have dessert and we tripped on some of their signature Crepes and their secret beverage, the Milkshake. 

Up for review: Chocolate-Vanilla Banana and the Vanilla Milkshake.


He Says: The crepes at Crepes & Cream are good. They've been a major player in the Crepes Industry and they live up to their name. The Choco-Vanilla Banana Crepe was good. Really good. The ice cream and the chocolate complimented the Banana well. One surprise, was their Milkshake. It's REALLY GOOD. I'm a big milkshake guy and I've had my share of really good milkshakes, and this one packs a punch.

Rating: Milkshake = 10/10; Choco-Vanilla Banana Crepe = 10/10

She Says: The Choco-Vanilla Banana Crepe was okay. It's not something i'd order for myself but it would do. As for the milkshake, i've had better but theirs is good. 

Rating: Milkshake = 9/10; Choco-Vanilla Banana Crepe = 8/10

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