Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rufo's Famous Tapa: Delivery

Rufo's did not fail to impress us the first time we tried it. It was AWESOME. One night, we felt the craving for Rufo's Tapa, so...We had some Rufo's stuff delivered over. 

Up for review: T-Bone Steak, Liempo and Famous Burger.

Click here for their delivery numbers :)


He Says: Again. Never fails. Rufo's Famous Burger is GOOOOD. It's made of their famous tapa and house in burger buns. Same great taste, but it can get a little messy to eat. The Liempo was good too. A little bony, but the taste is one of the best I've had. Their T-Bone Steak was surprising. At 144PHP, you would think that the serving size would be a little small. I was wrong. It was pretty big and the taste, remarkable! It's really good.

Rating: Famous Burger = 9.5/10; T-Bone Steak = 10/10; Liempo = 9/10

She Says: Rufo's is a must try! Their burger was something we wanted to try during our last visit. It is scrumptious and tasty! It's a little messy to eat though. T steak is cheap but it will quickly satisfy your steak craving. The liempo was tasty, i'd order it again if I was given the chance :)

Rating: Famous Burger = 8/10; T-Bone Steak = 10/10; Liempo = 9/10

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