Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chef d' Angelo: Pizza, Pasta and Salad ALL YOU CAN!

A lot of Pizza and Pasta places have their own strategies to get customers. Cut prices, promos and free stuff are just some of the many ways to get people to eat at their resto. Chef D'Angelo gives people a Pizza, Pasta and Salad All You Can at 150 from 2 - 4pm and 6 - 9pm. We decided to check it out. Here it is...


Pasta and Three Cheese.

Add 50 and you get Bottomless Iced Tea!

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He Says: Not your ordinary place to have a buffet, but they did good on this. Their Salad lacked a little flavor. Their Caesar dressing felt a little thin, but it was good enough to suppress my Salad craving. Their Pizzas are always knockouts. One of the best, but a little small. Their Pasta was good, but only the White Sauce. The Tomato Sauce felt a little weird. If you're hungry, you gotta try this Eat All You Can.

Rating = Pizza = 9/10; Pasta = 8/10; Salad = 8/10; Soup = 9/10

She Says: We've been to many other buffets before and when I saw their buffet table I thought I wouldn't be satisfied at all. Because it was reasonably priced at 150php, we decided to try it out. Surprisingly, I was already really full after 2 plates :| You'll definitely make the most of your 150php! 

Rating = Pizza = 10/10; Pasta = 6/10; Salad = 8/10; Soup = 9/10


  1. is Chef d' Angelo: Pizza, Pasta and Salad ALL YOU CAN! still available? :) I want to try this :>

  2. Hi AmberGen :) I believe it is but it's only available in select branches :)

  3. Pizza and Pasta all you can?

    Yum yum! Since I am pizza lover... I will surely enjoy this kind of promotion. pizza hampton paired with pasta will surely make my day.:) thanks for sharing.^^,

  4. i want to try this pizza,pasta,salad all you can!!is it still available??


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