Friday, February 4, 2011

Lipton Sparkling and Gummy Worms

This day, Mimi had a craving for Sour Candy. So, we dropped one of our favorite quick stop stores, 7-11. We headed towards the Sour Gummy Worms and moved on to their Beverages. Mimi has been telling me about carbonated Iced Tea. We've been searching for it for a while now.
To our surprise, they carried it. Lipton Sparkling.

The "Curvy" Bottle.

One for me, one for her.

Two packs. 


Blank face.

Finally smiled

The "Worms"

Mimi just likes 'em.


He Says: The Iced Tea was really bubbly. It had the soda frizz, but the taste of the Iced Tea. This is some new stuff, but it's cool. The Sour Gummy Worms, well, I'm not a huge fan. But they're good anyway. Not too sour now.

Rating: Iced Tea = 8.5/10; Gummy Worms = 8/10

She says: The iced tea was like what the package said it would be. It was carbonated iced tea nothing else. What I didn't like about it though was that when I was thirsty a sip from it just made my mouth dry. The sour gummy worms are one of my favorites though, not as sour as I expected but it was still yummy! 

Rating: Iced Tea = 8/10; Gummy Worms = 10/10


  1. I live in california and tried finding this everywhere but can't find it! Does the store u bought it at still sell it?

  2. Yeah, they still carry it in the 7-11 stores here in the Philippines :)


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