Friday, February 4, 2011

Hot Choco and Vanilla Milkshake: Seattle's Best Coffee

Coffee shops are one of the best places to chill, talk, work and relax. Love and I have recently gone away from the usual "Let's go to Starbucks" Phrase and gone to a less-crowded but equally or more awesome place called Seattle's Best Coffee. 

Their signature Hot Choco.

In the spotlight.


He Says: It's probably better than Starbucks. Less crowded too. I guess the in thing with kids these days is Starbucks. Seattle's Best is probably for more of the older crowd. I like it at Seattle's. Starbucks is sorta tired  for me. Moving on to the drinks, Hot Chocolate is real good. Creamy and tasteful. The little chocolate bar that comes with is good too. I end up eating it rather than let it melt in the drink. Their Vanilla Milkshake is a favorite. Thick, creamy and good. A must order for me.

Rating: Hot Choco = 10/10; Milkshake = 10/10

She Says: I don't think it's better, maybe just different. I find Starbucks always super crowded with people. Recently it's been hard to find a seat and actually chill and do work. Their Hot Chocolate was yummy! especially since they serve it with a little chocolate bar which you can choose to munch on or drop in the drink. Their Vanilla Milkshake is another favorite because really thick and creamy :] They used to serve it with chocolate chips at the bottom but according to the seattle's in greenbelt they don't do it anymore :(

Rating: Hot Choco = 10/10; Milkshake = 9/10 (Bring back the chocolate chips!)

Trivia:  This was where me and Gab also had our first "unofficial" date.
 We were supposed to have someone else with us but that person ditched us.
 This was where it started.

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