Saturday, February 5, 2011

Boneless Chicken BBQ and Pork BBQ: Alex III

When you're around the U.N. Avenue area or near the Manila Pavilion Hotel, one place you can eat is at Alex III. We were quite hungry and decided to try this place out. Normally, we wouldn't do something like this, but we did it anyway for your reading pleasure. 

Alex III

One of their Best Sellers - Grilled BBQ

Another Best Seller - Boneless Grilled Chicken


Closeup again.

Gab and the Pork BBQ

Mimi and her Boneless Grilled Chicken

Bottomless Iced Tea


He Says: This is a first. Normally, I wouldn't try any new place to eat at, unless people give good remarks or the place gets good reviews. Alex III is just your typical kind of restaurant. Nothing special, nothing new. The place feels cozy, but gives off an "old people" vibe. The waiters are sorta aged, but they're very courteous. The place kinda reminds me of Dayrit's over at Paseo de Magallanes.

Moving on to their food, I tried one of their Best Sellers, their Pork BBQ. Looking at it, I sorta thought it would disappoint me, but it didn't. The taste reminded me of Reyes BBQ, especially with their sauce. It was enough to get me full. I'm a big guy with a little bit of a big appetite and it good me full. Not bad. Good place to go to.

Rating: Pork BBQ 9.5/10

She Says: I love love love trying new places to eat! When me and Gab ventured out into U.N. Ave for official business we got hungry and was looking for a place to eat. I wanted ChicBoy cause it sounded silly but noooo he wanted to eat somewhere else but i'm glad we did. Alex III reminded me of Aristocrat and Reyes BBQ. The taste was quite similar to the two but the difference was that we had unlimited sauce unlike in Aristocrat where they give you the small packets pa. It's really good though.

Rating: Boneless Chicken BBQ: 10/10

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