Friday, January 7, 2011

World Chicken: University Mall

Before going back to the province for the weekend, I decided that I wanted to have lunch with Love before I went home. We've been waiting on the opening of World Chicken in The University Mall in Taft Avenue. The location is quite small, yet it doesn't fail to bring the essence of what World Chicken is. They pretty much have the same stuff as the other branches would.

What I ordered: Chicken and Pesto

What Love ordered: Chicken, Tuna Carbonara, Asian Pasta



He Says: Back then, I wasn't a big fan of World Chicken. I've just come to like it recently, because Love introduced me to their Pesto Pasta. Their Chicken isn't bad. It's grilled and can come with different types of sauces such as Gravy and Teriyaki, and even Cheese Sauce to name a few. You also have the choice of going with 1 or 2 side dishes with the chicken. The taste is great for both the Pasta and the Chicken. Plus, the price is very very friendly for those wanting cheap but quality Chicken and Pasta. I'd honestly come back to World Chicken when I get the chance. It never fails to satisfy. After all, it is a little healthy compared to other food places.

Rating: 9.5/10

She Says: Well, he pretty much described what you could order at world chicken. What he didn't say was that there are a variety of side dishes to choose from! They have different kinds of pasta with different sauces, cheese muffins, mashed potato, and rice! Did we mention that they give them in huge servings? It's definitely worth your 162PHP :D However I find their chicken to be very bland the chicken ends up tasting more on the sauce rather than tasting like the chicken with the sauce.

Rating: 9/10


  1. i usually get chicken w/ 1 siding (asian noodleS) and ranch bbq sauce! buuurp!

  2. I LOVE the Asian Noodles. Gab isn't such a big fan though :))


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