Friday, January 7, 2011

Rainbow Nerds Rope

More often than not, Love and I get a sweet tooth for pretty much any candies, chocolates or ice cream within our reach. This time, Love had Nerds Rope in her possession. It's the classic Nerds that's formed into a short "rope" by a sticky sweet jelly.

The packaging.

The actual Nerds Rope.


He Says: I'm not a big fan or sour candy. I prefer the sweeter-type of candy. Nerds Rope combines both the Sweet and Sour taste in one candy. My opinion on it? It's too sweet, yet too sour for my taste. It's sweet to the point that it makes it sour. Love is a big fan of it, but I on the other hand am not. 

Rating: 5/10

She Says: I don't know about him but i'm definitely loving the idea! I mean, nerds was good enough on its own but with the soft gummy rope center it just made it to my top 5 snacks while watching a movie! I love how it's tangy but at the same time sweet. It's also super colorful and it just makes me want it more! yum. i'm craving for another :))

Rating: 10/10

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