Friday, January 7, 2011

Frutti Froyo: University Mall

After lunch, Love and I decided to get dessert somewhere. She's been wanting to try the new yogurt place in University Mall called, Frutti Froyo. Normally, Gab's only been a fan of the sweet yogurt that Golden Spoon offered. Mimi is a fan of both sweet and sour yogurt. Thankfully, Frutti Froyo had the sweet and sour yogurt we both liked.

Gab'sFavorite flavor: Vanilla.

Toppings. Loads to choose from.

Gab had fun with the toppings

Mimi's usual flavor: Plain Tart, Blueberry and Green tea

Their Logo.

I like my yogurt plain :D it's cool how you can mix the flavors!
I got a swirl of plain tart and blueberry and a little bit of green tea on the side! :D

Their chairs are cool! like cheese :))

You can sample flavors too if you're not so sure of what to get :)

More toppings here!


Chocolate and Vanilla swirl

Plain Tart and Blueberry swirl with graham crackers and blueberries!

Price: 18PHP an ounce


He Says: Finally, a place where I can buy yogurt without worrying if they only sell the sour yogurt. Frutti Froyo offers relatively cheaper yogurt compared to other places. It's 18PHP an ounce so the price depends on how much your cup weighs (yogurt and if there are any, toppings). Their sweet yogurt is nothing short of delicious. You won't even notice that it's yogurt. It's more like soft serve ice cream. I'd like to keep coming back to this place, provided I have the cash of course.

Rating: 10/10

She Says: I like how the place caters to those who are a fan of both sweet and sour froyo. This could possibly be one of our favorite chill spots(they have flat screen TV's and I could imagine people watching UAAP here!) The price is relatively cheap if all you want is a little bit of froyo, just enough to overpower the taste of the meal you just had. You can have as little or as much as you want. If you want a little bit or a little bit more of the toppings, it's all up to your taste.

Rating: 10/10


  1. i agree! i am a frutti froyo fan.. :) i've already tasted Tutti Frutti, Yoh-gurt Froz and white hat but this frutti froyo is the best! :)
    rating: 10/10


  2. We totally agree!

    email us if you have any good places for review :)


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