Friday, January 14, 2011

Mini Donuts: Market Market

When you're on the prowl of something to eat, normally you'd like something quick. Mini Donuts are a great to temporarily satisfy your hunger and keep your wallet safe from the expenses. There used to be a Mini Donuts stand in school, but that closed down. So the closest we could find Mini Donuts was in Market! Market! 

Their machine.

The actual donuts.

The best.



He Says: I'm not a big fan, but when I get hungry Mini Donuts are enough to suppress it a like. There're many flavors to choose from and it's pretty cheap for something good. Cheese and Cookies and Cream are my favorites. The downside, the donuts can get a little oily and the taste feels a little rancid after a while. The cheese can feel a little to salty and the cookies and cream feel plain.

Rating: 7/10

She Says: When I was younger I absolutely loved mini donuts! I'd always get a pack of these whenever we'd head to the mall. I'd always get it in strawberry or in mocha. Between the age or 6 to 11 i'd ALWAYS get my mini donuts one way or another. I used to enjoy them so much when I was a kid, maybe things are different now. Maybe i've had far too many donuts that tasted better than this or I set my standards up too high.(The sugar that they put tasted more like plain sugar rather than the actuall strawberry flavor that I was expecting) But in any case i'd still come back for these donuts even if they don't really satisfy my taste buds because it's cheap and it's fun to watch the donuts come out of the machine Weeeeeeee! :D

Rating: 8/10

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