Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bo's Coffee: Expresso Froccino, Cafe Mocha, Green Tea & Chocolate Truffle Cake

We were out at SM Mall of Asia with our friend, Mike Mark, to grab some lunch and hang out a little. Mimi had some Bo's Coffee GCs on hand, so we decided to cash them in. Bo's Coffee has been around the Philippines for some time now. Despite the huge presence of Starbucks, Seattle's Best and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Bo's has managed to attract a good crowd in most of their branches. It gives you the same feel of a coffee shop, with dim lights, soft music and the coffee aroma. 

Up for review: Expresso Froccino, Cafe Mocha, Green Tea & Chocolate Truffle Cake.



Expresso Froccino, Cafe Mocha & Green Tea.


Chocolate Truffle Cake.


He Says: The Expresso Froccino is something that would definitely jolt you from your sleepiness. It provides you with a much needed kick to get you up and about. Its not too strong, but not sweet. Just the right balance between Coffee flavors. The Cafe Mocha was sweet and milky. It gives you a slight kick at the end, but not as powerful as the other expresso drinks. I'm not a fan of the Green Tea. Definitely not something I'd order. The Chocolate Truffle Cake was too Chocolate-y. A bad mix of Dark and Milk Chocolate was definitely not good. 

Rating: Expresso Froccino = 9/10; Cafe Mocha = 9/10; Green Tea = 5/10; Chocolate Truffle = 4/10

She Says: I never bothered to try Bo's Coffee until I had those GC's. The Expresso Froccino is a waker-upper(My word. haha) It packs a punch and gets you back on your feet. Cafe Mocha tasted like chocolate, hardly tasted the coffee in it. The green tea was my favorite! I'd prefer their version of green tea over Starbucks and CBTL. The Chocolate truffle  is not something we'd order ever again. Maybe it's really not meant for our palette. I wish we got cookies instead :(

Rating: Expresso Froccino = 10/10; Cafe Mocha = 7/10; Green Tea = 10/10; Chocolate Truffle = 3/10 


  1. I have tried the Almond Torte and Mango Cake from Bo's. Nothing special though, but I was curious why you were disappointed with the Choco Truffle. :|

  2. Ooohhhh. Pahingi naman ng GC diyan!


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