Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A La Creme: Mudslide Malt, Caramel Banana Walnut & Mango Creme

We were hanging around the Angeles City area, waiting for Gia's show to come on, so we decided to hit up one of Gab's favorite dessert spots in Pampanga. A La Creme has been around for quite some, and Gab and his friends have been going to this place for some tasty dishes and desserts. 

Up for review: Mudslide Malt, Caramel Banana Walnut & Mango Creme.

Mudslide Malt.

Mango Creme

Caramel Banana Walnut


He Says: A La Creme has there for me since High School. Haha. The Mudslide Malt has always been my favorite. Chocolately, just the way I like it. Sweet, but not too sweet. Something to keep you cool in the Philippine Climate. Normally, I don't order the Caramel Banana Walnut, but I'm still diggin' it. Crunchy walnuts and the great combo of Chocolate-Banana-Vanilla Ice Cream. The Mango Creme is something I might consider ordering again. I'm not big on Mangoes, but I'll probably make an exception to this.

Rating: Mudslide = 10/10; Caramel Banana = 10/10; Mango Creme = 8/10

She Says: The Mudslide Malt is pretty good. It's bitter and a bit sweet. It was sorta hard to drink it from the big straw but I managed :)  The crepes were good, waiting time was terrible though. We had to wait 30 minutes for our crepes :| The crepes were too thick too. We might go back to try their meals instead :)

Rating: Mudslide = 10/10; Caramel Banana = 7/10; Mango Creme = 7/10

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