Sunday, December 4, 2011

Goodles: Seven Layer Lasagna & Sarsaparilla

The new and revamped University Mall at Taft Avenue has brought good establishments for the students to access. Food is definitely one of the reasons why students flock to UM. Goodles is one of the new places to eat at. It serves pasta and noodle based dishes, served in the a paper bowl. Up for review, their signature 7-Layer Lasagna and the Sarsaparilla Rootbeer

We're rating the 7 layer lasagna (on the left)
Me and a friend finished the one on the right before Gab got there. teehee

Yummy Garlic Bread

Their seats and counter

The Flat Screen and our silly friend Mike Mark :)

Mike Mark and the Big Bottle of Rootbeer!

With his all time favorite rootbeer, A&W!


He Says: 7-Layer is amazing! I thought to myself, "Why didn't I order this when I first tried it out?" Meaty, cheesy and creamy. Something  I look for in a Lasagna. It's slightly sweeter than most because of the cream, but it doesn't kill the experience. The Sarsaparilla was a little disappointing. It sorta tasted like cough medicine and is a little expensive for most carbonated drinks.

Rating: Lasagna = 10/10; Root beer = 5/10

She Says: I wasn't really sure what to try first but the lady suggested that we try the 7-layer lasagna, so we did. It was good! It was meaty and cheesy! Just the way I like my lasagna :) The Sarsaparilla does not taste like commercialized rootbeer it has this aftertaste that's quite unique. Not bad though, it's just something different from your usual can of rootbeer :) 

Rating: Lasagna = 10/10; Root beer = 9/10


  1. I should try this lasagna.I will ask my co office mate to have our dinner here next week.

  2. love their tuna pasta and the goodles classic


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