Saturday, October 8, 2011

Teddy Bear Cookies

Gab's grandmother gave him a tub of  cookies that caught his eye, because they were shaped as little bears. We're a big fan of cookies and these peculiar ones caught our attention. Up for the review, Teddy Bear Cookies.

Shaped like little Bears.

Gab thought one of them looked like a fish. Haha.


He Says: These were a joy to eat. Like cookies you can chuck into your mouth and eat. Plus, these are good with a glass of milk. Not bad for bite-sized cookies. Chocolate-y and they really taste like cookies.

Rating = 9.5/10

She Says: These cookies taste a lot better than they look! If you're fond of baking you'd easily notice the buttery taste. It's not bad, you'd just notice it. I think these cookies are available at S&R :)

Rating = 10/10

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