Friday, October 7, 2011

KFC Tiramisu & Mango Cheesecake

KFC dessert was usually limited to their Chocolate Mousse and their brownies, but not they've come with a few new flavors, Tiramisu and Mango Cheesecake. Priced at 29PHP each, they desserts are sure to please everybody's sweet tooth and wallets. How do these sweets fair? Let's find out.


Mango Cheesecake


He Says: I'm a big fan of the KFC Chocolate Mousse, and that's what the Tiramisu reminds me of. It's a softer and slightly sweeter version of the Chocolate Mousse. It's pretty good considering it's 29PHP. The Mango Cheesecake is not really my thing. I've never been a fan of Mango-based sweets, but this one turned out okay. I wouldn't order it again, but it's all good.

Rating: Tiramisu = 8/10; Mango Cheesecake = 7/10

She Says: Gab wouldn't order the Mango Cheesecake cause he's a picky eater :))) For 29php, they were surprisingly good. they were very tasty! You should try it all! 

Rating: Tiramisu = 10/10; Mango Cheesecake = 10/10


  1. Reasonably priced, and looks delicious too!

  2. the mango dessert does look good :D


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