Friday, October 7, 2011

CIBO: Spinaci Zola, Linguine Alla Ghiotto, Penne Dela Terra and Limone.

It was a long while before we went out together, so we decided to head down to Glorietta and Greenbelt for a date out. Originally planning to have a movie date, we headed to a recent favorite, CIBO for lunch. Serving authentic Italian dishes, this place packs a punch with flavor. Up for review: Spinaci Zola, Linguine Alla Ghiotto, Limone and Penne Dela Terra.

Browsing through menu.

The cozy feeling of the resto.

A new favorite, Spinaci Zola.

Big and floppy menu.

Playing around with the utensils.

Limone Iced Tea.

What's outside?

A giant watch.

A closer look at the Spinaci Zola.

Kinda looks like Sludge.

Taking a bite.

Mini Crunchy Spinaci Zola Sandwich.

Linguine Alla Ghiotto.

Penne Dela Terra.

Sludge coated Garlic Bread.

The old man face.


He Says: This day was day of firsts and explosion of flavors. It was my first time at the CIBO in Greenbelt and it was the first time I ate the Spinach Dip. The Spinaci Zola was AMAZING. Nothing short of the best. It was cheezy and you couldn't even taste the spinach. I'm not big on Veggies but this was the best dip I've ever had. The Linguine Alla Ghiotto is the BOMB. Bacon, White Sauce and Mushrooms really go well together. The best and new favorite. Oh, can't forget the bread. The Penne Dela Terra was very cheezy. Something fitted to Love's Palette. The Iced Tea was really good too, although it reminded me a little bit of Lipton Iced Tea. 

Rating: Spinaci Zola = 10/10; Alla Ghiotto = 10/10; Dela Terra = 8/10; Limone = 10/10

She Says: I want you guys to know that I have this diabolical scheme to get Gab to appreciate and eat more vegetables :)) and this is how I do it :)) Spinaci Zola. One of my favorites! Spinach and cheese! HEAVEN! For his Alla Ghiotto, it was really good! It was a very tasty dish where the ingredients complement each other but at the same time they don't lose their identity in the dish. YUM! But of course, mine was THE BEST! Am I biased or what? :)) I loved it cause it was a perfect blend of tomatoes and cheese! so much cheese! Super good! Their Limone Iced Tea is refreshing. The taste of the iced tea is strong enough to cleanse your palette :)

Rating: Spinaci Zola = 10/10; Alla Ghiotto = 10/10; Dela Terra = 10/10; Limone = 10/10

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