Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sweet & Fancy: Panini

Mimi came to visit and we headed out for the afternoon to catch a movie and have some time. Of course, Gab's younger sister, Gia, tagged along. For dinner, we were undecided where to eat, until Gia suggested the Sweet & Fancy. Sweet & Fancy is a little cafe owned by Gab's aunt. It specializes in pastries and sweets, as well as some main course meals in case one's sweet tooth isn't acting up. 
Up for review is Sweet & Fancy's Panini.

A corner cafe.

The Panini.


He Says: Finally we get to review my Aunt's Panini from her Resto. The Panini used to be a little bigger than what you see in the photo. The taste is pretty much the same though. It's cheezy and meaty. It's pretty good and the Potato Wedges really complemented the Panini itself. It's a little pricey for the size, but it's worth the taste. I'm definitely going back. 

Rating: 9/10

She Says: Gab's right. The Panini used to be bigger. Don't let the image fool you because in-between those toasted buns is a patty so meaty and juicy you're gonna want to have another one! The potato wedges are good! It's not too thick or thin and it goes well with the ketchup-y dip that came with it :) It's a little pricey but I think it's worth a try :)

Rating: 9/10

Gia Says: To me it tasted great but, I think that the mustard is too salty. I didn't like the mustard. The meat was so juicy, it made me drool. The potato wedges are the best. It was a little pricey though but it was worth the try :)

Rating: 7.5/10


  1. hey i think we used to go to high school together :)cute food blog <3 FOLLOWED. keep it up! and maybe check my blog out as well?

  2. Where is Sweet and Fancy located? :-)

  3. Hi J! It's located in San Fernando, Pampanga :)


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