Thursday, September 8, 2011

Time Out: Lechon Kawali and Chicken Leg & Thigh BBQ

Sports Bars are a little hard to operate around the Taft Area, mainly because places are usually busy from Morning to Afternoon. Night times are usually for Drinking Places, Bars, Coffee Shops and some Food Places. Time-Out is a new joint that opened up in the Taft Area, catering to sports junkies and alcohol seekers. Besides the sports theme, the place has a couple of Food items on the menu. Up for review, Lechon Kawali and Chicken Leg & Thigh BBQ.

Lechon Kawali.

Chicken Leg & Thigh BBQ.


He Says: Probably one of the BEST Lechon Kawali I've had. It's crispy and juicy. It isn't stale, like those cheap places that offer subpar Kawali. The problem was, I saw was the price. Again, serving size should always play a role in pricing. This was overpriced. It's not bad, though. I believe you should have some cash on you if you wanna sample Time-Out's Kawali. The Chicken Leg & Thigh BBQ is definitely a must try. It's sweet and juicy. And, you don't taste any hint of spice in it. Normally, BBQ can be a little spicy, but this one is good without it.

Rating: Lechon Kawali = 9/10; Chicken BBQ = 9/10

She Says: The food tastes really fresh and it's quite tasty as well! :) The only thing preventing us from eating there frequently is the price. The quality of the food is good but we believe that it's slightly over-priced. The chicken leg and thigh BBQ is super tasty! It's really juicy but I believe that the BBQ taste goes only as far as the skin.

Rating: Lechon Kawali = 9/10; Chicken BBQ = 9/10

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  1. yeah, mukhang medyo maliit nga ang serving size for the price. :-(


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