Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gong Cha: Ice Cream Tea & Milk Tea With Pearls

Okay, so, whenever it comes to Milk Tea, we have own preference of Milk Tea Stores. Normally, we'd go hit up our favorite place in Taft Avenue, but we were in Mall of Asia and we stumbled upon this Milk Tea place called, Gong Cha. Check it out, Ice Cream Tea and Milk Tea With Pearls.

Their little store

Cheaper than usual Teas.

The Ice Cream Tea.

Ice Cream Tea and Milk Tea with Pearls.

The Ice Cream Tea magically transformed into a Milky Substance!


He Says: I was reluctant to drink my Ice Cream Tea. One, it tasted like water. Two, you couldn't really taste the Ice Cream. Lastly, you may to stir it to get some flavor. But, if you stir and make sure that the Tea turns into a Milky color, you're in for a world of surprises. It's SURPRISINGLY GOOD. And I realized that half-way through my drink. Gotta stir before you sip. It's really really good. The Milk Tea was sweeter than most and more flavorful. Very LEGIT. I wanna go back for more.

Rating: Ice Cream Tea = 10/10 (when stirred); Milk Tea = 9/10

She Says: I've heard only good things about this place and it was about time that we give it a try. Their Milk tea is a perfect balance between tea and milk. (well, duh!) Compared to other stores that sell Milk Tea you can really taste the tea in their drink :) I seriously wanted to take Gab's drink away from him! It was that good and with only 50% the sugar! I'm actually craving for more right now! Ice Cream Tea FTW! :D

Rating: Ice Cream Tea = 10/10 (when stirred); Milk Tea = 10/10


  1. Now I regret not ordering the ice cream tea earlier! I always go for caramel milk tea, doesn't matter what tea place. So far their version is one of my favorites (aside from the uber reliable Zen Tea and Tea Delight in Taft, haha).

  2. Try it next time! I'm regretting not getting it din. Gab didn't want to trade :|

    The Ice Cream Tea was at 50% and we thought it was sakto lang :)


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