Friday, April 8, 2011

Marciano's and Red Box at Greenbelt :)

Greenbelt has a wide variety of restaurants and gimmick spots. It's a very long chain of great food places such as YakiMix, Italiannis and Bizu. One place that caught our attention on our 20th Monthsary was Marciano's. The interior design was great for dates! It would've been better if they lit up the room just a teeny weeny bit more.

Marciano's is restaurant that serves Italian and American Dishes. Steaks, pasta and pizza are just some things on their menu. It's from the makers of John and Yoko, so one could expect good things from this place. Up for review, Marciano's. 

Gab and their Giant Menu.

Mimi taking time for a snapshot.

Some of their beverages.

Reese Witherspoon, anyone?

"I wanna grow old with you" (The Wedding Singer)

Need the Meat.


Legally Blonde

Four Cheese Pizza

Watermelon Shake

Vanilla Milkshake.

One thing we've always done after we eat is go out do something fun. This time, we decide to hit Red Box, a very good karaoke bar with all the latest tracks to sing a long to. They serve drinks and food, so the fun can keep going on.



He Says: Normally, Love and I wouldn't go out of our way to try new restaurants. I guess our 20th Monthsary was an exemption. Marciano's is a good place to try out. It's not cheap, but it's a little well worth it. The Tenderloin Steak was juicy and really good. It's legit and the siding of Hungarian Sausage and Potato Wedges made it worth the price. The Legally Blonde was a little bland for me. It could barely taste the cheese, but at least it wasn't bad. The Four Cheese Pizza was good. Minus the tomatoes, I would have chowed down more that my share of the whole pizza. The Vanilla Milkshake is nothing special. I've had better. The Watermelon shake, well, not really my thing. Overall, Marciano's is real good, provided you have the money to spend.

Rating: Steak = 9/10; Milkshake = 8/10; Pasta = 7/10; Pizza = 9/10; Watermelon Shake = 5/10

She Says: Love's right when he said that the price was well worth it. The Hungarian sausage was sort of dry but the steak was worth the wait. I did not like the legally blond, I am a confessed cheese lover but even I still found it too strong for my taste buds. The four cheese pizza reminded me of Ponzo's pizza only with less cheese. It was good but i've had better. The vanilla milkshake was yummy and the watermelon shake was better than what I expected. Overall, I wouldn't mind coming back. I just don't think i'll be craving/wanting to visit anytime soon.

Rating: Steak = 9/10; Milkshake = 10/10; Pasta = 7/10; Pizza = 9/10; Watermelon Shake = 10/10

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