Friday, April 8, 2011

Rufo's Tapa

TapSiLog joints are one of the All-Time Favorites for us pinoys. Places such as Sinangag Express provide some good Tapsilog choices. Another place that is really prominent for TapSi is Rufo's. Rufo's has been around the Metro since 1984 and they have 4 branches spread across the Metro. 

Gab waiting to try their Tapa.

Chicken BBQ



He Says: Finally, some legit Tapa. Rufo's lives up to it's name. The Tapa is EXCELLENT. By far the best I've eaten. Flavorful. Hands down. Beats any other tapa in the Metro. The best! The Chicken BBQ was superb too. It tasted like Fried Chicken sauteed in BBQ Sauce. Really really good.

Rating: Tapa = 10/10; Chicken BBQ = 10/10

She Says: Their sauce definitely makes their super yummy! Serving time was really quick too. The Chicken Barbecue had a distinct flavor that you wouldn't find anywhere else. It's really good and only you can judge it. So drop by their branches and taste it yourself! :D

Rating: Tapa = 10/10; Chicken BBQ = 10/10

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  1. i wanna try! i wonder how much is minimum for delivery


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