Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brownies Unlimited: Expresso Brownie and Nescafe Freeze

Looking for a sweet sensation? Brownies Unlimited has some of the best brownies out in the market. Caramel, chocolate, you name it, Brownies Unlimited may just have the type of brownie you'll like.

Up for review, Expresso Brownie and the Nescafe Freez.


He Says: The brownie lives up to it's name. It's picks you up the way an expresso shot would. Plus, it's sweet and really good. A bit small for my liking, but it packs a punch. A warning to those watching their blood sugar, it's a little too sweet. The Nescafe Freeze has always been there, and it still has the same problem. You're left with just the ice and not the coffee. That's the only disappointment.

Rating: Expresso Brownie = 10/10; Nescafe Freeze = 9/10

She Says: I love how it's sweet and bitter at the same time! I also have other favorite and it's called Double Fudge! I swear! In brownies unlimited there is a brownie for every one! The Nescafe Freeze has been my favorite since I was in high school but the one we had in SM Makati tasted like there was milo mixed in it. 

Rating: Expresso Brownie: 10/10; Nescafe Freeze = 8/10

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