Saturday, April 16, 2011

Burger King: MVP and Mushroom Swiss

Burger King is home to some of the best burgers in the country. Noted for the Whopper, Whopper Jr, and Classic Steakhouse, BK brings hits to the cut-throat world of burgers. They have new players in town, the BK Stack: Rookie, Pro, Veteran and the MVP. It's simply meat, cheese and buns. A BK Explosion. Up for review the MVP and Bacon Mushroom Swiss.


He Says: WOAH! MVP! MVP! MVP! At first I was disappointed with the size. It looked like a normal cheeseburger, but when you bite into it, you're in for a world of satisfaction. It's big, it's juicy, it's good. GOOD! GOOD! Probably the best burger I've had in a long while. I want one right now. NOW! Haha. Moving on the Mushroom Swiss, it was cheezy, but not my thing. I'm not a fan of mushrooms, but it's better than most burgers I've had. 

Rating: MVP = 10/10; Mushroom Swiss = 7/10

She Says: The MVP was soooo much better than what we had expected! If you're a fan or burgers with lotsa cheese then your best bet is the MVP!! The Mushroom swiss my all time favorite! I get it every time I go to Burger King. I believe that ALL their burgers would not disappoint you :)

Rating: MVP = 10/10; Mushroom Swiss = 10/10


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