Thursday, April 14, 2011

Greenhills: Barquillos en Sorbetes

The Greenhills Shopping Center is a place packed with many surprises. Bargain clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. There are a couple of food stalls around, but this particular one caught us the most. By Koolstix, Barquillos filled with Sorbetes. Something new and exciting. Let's see how it did.

One end of the barquillos was covered with aluminum foil to prevent spilling

Really cool machine!

Gab's sister


He Says: Wow. This is something new. At first look, I was like, "that's just okay." Simple, but very good. Something new to try. It may get a little messy to eat, but it's worth it. It's cheap too. 20 pesos per stick is something you do not wanna pass up on. 

Rating: 10/10

She Says: This stall was amongst the many clothing and shoe stores on the ground floor of greenhills and it definitely caught our attention. It wasn't messy to eat at all and that's one good thing about it. The barquillos was surprisingly crunchy and was super good to eat with the soft serve :D For only 20 pesos you get soft serve ice cream inside a big barquillos! super worth it. 

Rating 10/10


  1. Hi, googled our product and found your blog. We enjoyed viewing the pics and reading your positive review. Thanks so much!

    Hope to see you again! Please friend us on FB :)

    Koolstix Original Team

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