Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tea Central: Dark Chocolate and Cookie Dough

Milk Tea is the drink that creates a stir amongst students from Taft. Tea Central is the one of place Milk Tea places that makes waves in the Milk Tea Scene. Next up for Review: Cookie Dough and Dark Chocolate. 


Mimi and Gab.

Half-Empty Dark Chocolate and Cookie Dough

Their "mascot"

Gab and their Logo.

Mimi and their Logo.


He Says: Okay. Officially. My. New. Milk. Tea. Place. Tea Central never fails to impress! Their Cookie Dough and Dark Chocolate is the BEST!!! Wow. All I can say is WOW! The flavor really explodes in your mouth. The Chocolatey-Sweet Taste hides the real flavor of Milk Tea. Simply AWESOME!

Rating: Cookie Dough = 10/10; Dark Chocolate = 10/10

She Says: We come back here every week or every other day. It really depends on our craving. The cookie dough flavor is distinct but not super strong enough to overpower the milk tea taste. Also, their dark chocolate is nothing less than awesome! I swear! When you're looking for a place to chill, you guys should definitely drop by! :)

Rating: Cookie Dough = 10/10; Dark Chocolate = 10/10


  1. thanks for the sweet comment, mimi :)
    you have a nice blog too.. nakakagutom nga lang :p

  2. I love this place very much! I love their lemon yakult! Tastes like happy lemon's "lemon yakult!" Luvet! xoxo

  3. that's also my favorite from their yakult series! :D



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