Monday, February 21, 2011

Wendy's: Steakhouse Baconator and Bacon Mushroom Melt

Love and I were at Glorietta to watch the Little Fockers. We were starving and had no clue where to eat. There was a nearby Wendy's and that's where we parked our hungry selves. We haven't had any Wendy's in a long while so it was sorta like a good call.

The Ticket Booth.

Their Menu.

What I tried.

Love's Iced Tea.

Her Salad.

Wendy's Fries.

Her Burger, My Burger.


On the Phone

Didn't think so.

Bacon Mushroom Melt

Steakhouse Baconator.


He Says: I can say, WOW! The Steakhouse Baconator was good. The bomb! It lived up to the hype. One thing I hate about it, is the price. It's pretty expensive. My wallet sorta burned a hole in itself. The Fries were good too. I missed Wendy's. Good place, Good food.

Rating: Baconator = 9/10; Fries = 9/10

She Says: Their Bacon Mushroom Melt was not as good as it used to be. It looks very appetizing when you lift the top bun but when you take a bit out of it you'll mostly taste the bun. I could hardly taste the bacon, the burger and the cheese. Maybe it was my high expectations but still, I was very disappointed with my burger. It sure wasn't worth it :(

Rating: Bacon Mushroom Melt = 3/10

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