Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yakimix: Mall of Asia (Lunch vs. Dinner)


 We got there around 7pm and we got in a little past 9pm but it was sooooo worth it!

look at these happy faces!

The food (according to Mimi) was not be superb in taste but it was good enough to satisfy our cravings and to fill our tummys!

Gab enjoyed grilling all these and more!

oh and they're ice cream is just the regular Selecta ice creams in different flavors but what really got us were the toppings!

yummy toppings!
marshmallow, gum drops, sour rings, nips, choco chips, hard candy, rice crispies,  choco sprinkles and rainbow sprinkles :)

To celebrate our 17th month together, we went to yakimix to have lunch. Based on our previous experience (which was dinner) we wanted to call and reserve a table for us but since we were up hecka early because Mimi had to pay tuition we ended up in MOA earlier than expected. The buffet opens at 11am for lunch and we are happy to say that we opened up the place! hahaha. We were the first ones there :)

Their chopsticks come with a toothpick inside :)) just sharing :))

 The inside of their smokeless grill

EAT ALL YOU CAN                          499PHP
Monday - Friday (LUNCH)                          

EAT ALL YOU CAN                          580PHP
CHILDREN BELOW 4FT                   380PHP
DRINK ALL YOU CAN                        65PHP
LEFT OVER PRICE (per head)        699PHP


He Says:  Although it isn't they're specialty, the salad was awful. The croutons were sweet and the Ranch seemed to add to the sweetness a little too much. Also, they're Tempura is better during Lunch as to having them at Dinner time. A lot of people roll in, so I guess the quality of each batch declines. Choosing the time to go there, I'd rather head there for Lunch. The quality of food is A LOT BETTER THAN DINNER. The buffet is the fresher batch compared to the Dinner batch. Plus, Dinner is very hectic. Lots of people roll in during Dinner, because more often than not, that's when they're free.

Rating: 9.5/10

She Says: Yakimix is reasonably priced for someone who is after the variety of their buffet. However, if they're after the quality of their food then you might be disappointed. The taste is good enough to say you've had sushi but I can say that i've definitely had better. For 499PHP during lunch and 580PHP for dinner,you surely get your money's worth :) I'd agree with Gab that the food and the crowd is a lot better during lunch.

Rating: 9/10

If you have plans should come early if you plan on eating there or you should call for reservations.

Contact Yakimix MOA
Yakimix (GF Entertainment Mall) SM Mall of Asia - 8361535/8361536/8361537


  1. thanks! the review really helped. we're discussing if we'll be going there at lunch or dinner. we're going there tomorrow lunch!

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  3. Is it mandatory to have a reservation in order for you to eat at all Yakimix branch?
    thanks ^^


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