Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Burger Drive: Zark's Burgers

After a long afternoon waiting for Gab to finish working on his thesis we went off to look for a place to have dinner. Then we decided to go to Zark's since we haven't eaten there in a long while :) We ordered 2 burgers and 2 bottomless iced teas.

we got 2 glasses and a pitcher :))

 He got the breakfast burger!
 it was so big and oh so yummy!

She got the triple threat! Three different kinds of cheese, patty, lettuce, sauteed  onions. Gahd!
She was never able to finish it herself though :))
Burgers: vary from 120PHP-500PHP (the 500PHP burger will kill you! it's called the tombstone and it has 4 patties bacon, cheese, lettuce and a mountain of fries!)


The Verdict:

He said: The Breakfast Burger was by far, one of the best burgers I've eaten, and I must say, I've had a lot of burgers in my lifetime. It's a pretty big burger and it's very juicy. My only problem with the burger is that it crumbles and gets messy as you bite through it. Same goes for the other Zark's Burgers, but the burgers are nothing short of excellent. Plus, the price is very reasonable to the taste. A big and tasty burger at 180PHP is well worth it. 

Rating: 10/10
She said: The triple threat burger was oozing with cheese when it got to me and I loved it! Other cheese lovers would enjoy it too! Their burgers are really big and I never got to finish one for myself. They're not very healthy though. hahaha 
Rating: 9/10

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