Thursday, January 27, 2011

Milky Marie

Biscuits often provide a quick solution for hunger. They often lay around the house and if you can't find anything to eat, these puppies are your last option. One particular brand that's been around for ages is the Milky Marie. It a sweet yet a somehow salty biscuit that gives you a little feeling of satisfaction.

The Milky Marie.

Biscuit Glasses.

O! Haha.


He Says: Well. I've gone through different kinds of biscuits and these ones are pretty good. They're addicting. Somehow, I can't just have one pack. I have to eat at least three because they are addicting. They're really good too. Could probably go well with Whipped Cream, Chocolate and Ice Cream.

Rating: 9/10

She Says: I've been a fan of these since I was a kid! They're biscuits that soften fast when you leave them in your mouth. They just taste sooo good you'd eat one after another. I don't agree with Gab though with the whipped cream, maybe chocolate, whipped cheese, chocolate or ice cream :D

Rating: 10/10

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  1. my fave local biscuit is presto creams peanut butter and monde butter coconut!


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