Saturday, January 15, 2011

Inengs BBQ: Market Market

 A couple of months ago I found out that Gab has NEVER tried Inengs Barbecue!! So I took him to the branch that was easy to get to, the one in Market Market.

After one of the parties I hosted for club princess we headed straight to the food court to give him a taste of one of the best barbecues i've EVER had.

The store

 The Barbecue's. in 6 inch and 12 inch sticks :)

Love and our tower of iced tea.
(*we got the tower of iced tea from some other store. not bad for 60PHP)

The Verdict

He Says: Can someone say Ultimate Fan? Haha. Wow. This BBQ is by far the best I've eaten. The sauce is grilled into the BBQ itself and the taste just explodes the flavor of it in each bite. I could chow down a lot if I could, and I'd like to franchise it to the Taft Area. Haha. I'd really really like to have this place very accessible so I can have as much as I can. Simply, the best!
Rating: 10/10

She Says: BEST BARBECUE EVER! It's the tastiest meatiest one around the metro! Even the fat of the barbecue's so tasty you'd eat it as well! I'm not surprised that there's always such a long line in front of all their store. They even have another store a couple of meters away from this one made exclusively for take out!

Rating: 10/10

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