Saturday, January 15, 2011

VaniTea & Autumn: Zen Tea

NaiCha Tea has become all the rage nowadays. Especially with us college kids. There are establishments along our area that serve really good tea, but one place Love and I favor is ZenTea. Originally established behind CSB. They have branched out to DLSU, making it accesible to both sides.

Our drinks look the same but Mimi like's the one one the left and Gab prefers the one on the right.

Love favors their NaiCha with Vanilla also known as Autumn. 
I like their Vanilla Tea also known as VaniTea without the cinnamon.
They'd look identical if it wasn't for the Black Jelly in Mimi's drink.

My Drink

Price             50PHP-70PHP


He Says: I really like their Vanilla Tea. It's creamy,  cold and just plain awesome. I used to favor it's competitor because their Vanilla Tea sorta tasted like Coffee. I've realized that Zen Tea was better. I've ordered at the Zen Tea behind CSB, going for their ChocTea for safety. Their Vanilla Tea or VaniTea gets my taste buds rocking. 

Rating: 10/10

She Says: I've got to say that the quality of drinks is better than their competitors. It's creamier and tastier. This is something that I crave for time and time again. Hey, we might get a couple of these again next week :)

Rating: 10/10

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