Tuesday, December 11, 2012

YABU: House of Katsu

We were invited to the soft opening/stress test of a Japanese Restaurant in the SM - Mall of Asia, called Yabu. It's a Japanese Restaurant well known for it's specialty in the "Art of the Katsu". Tonkatsu & Katsudon are the main attractions of the place, but there are other things in the Menu as well. This isn't a full review, as we have yet to try eating there on our own budget, but we'll provide a quick review of how the place was and how the experience felt.

Some Condiments to help Compliment your Food. (Sorry for the blurry photo!)

Tofu & Potato Salad

A special Sesame Seed "garnish" to help compliment the Sauce and provide flavor.


The Katsu Sauce with a very neat serving spoon.

Mimi's Tonkatsu ( Rosu is pork loin)

Some Miso Soup.

Gab's Katsudon.

The Verdict

He Says: Well...I like the place so far. The food is good, but the service was a little lackluster. It was a stress test and I guess the staff there had a lot to learn.

Moving on, the food was great though. I liked how the sauces really made the food come to life and the serving size is great. I can tell you, I eat a lot, and I wasn't able to finish my food. Haha.

We'll probably come back to this place sometime soon. I think the food and experience will be worth the money.

She Says: I'm really glad that they finally opened a branch closer to home. The food came in generous servings. Halfway through my meal I stopped eating, I couldn't finish my food at all. It was a really big cut of tonkatsu that was very moist and crunchy. Plus, the sauce goes well with it since you can somewhat adjust it to fit your taste,

The person who attended to us seemed rattled with all the orders but i'm glad that one of his colleagues was very attentive. Good job, Cha Cha!

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