Saturday, August 18, 2012

Barricks: Pesto, Buffalo Wings, Chicken Al Fredo & Baked Mussels

We were out again celebrating our Monthsary, and we came back to the place where Mimi first fell in love with...Barick's. Its always been our favorite place to eat, consider that the food is of TOP Quality and of fair pricing. We had some old and new favorites this time 'round. 

Up for Review: Chicken Pesto Pasta, Buffalo Wings, Chicken Al Fredo & Baked Mussels.


He Says: Barick's again?! Haha. Just messing. Its still a favorite place, even if it is owned by my Aunt. I tried some new things on the menu, and it was well worth it. The Chicken Al Fredo was by far, the BEST. Its pretty heavy too considering the look of it. It wasn't too creamy, yet the cream really plays in your mouth. The Chicken wasn't dry too. It was juicy enough to compliment the cream and really soft. Adding this to my favorites. The Chicken Pesto was really good too. Good blend of flavors. Th Buffalo Wings are my favorite! Sweet, yet spicy enough to stimulate your taste buds. Some of the best wings I've had. The Baked Mussles are Mimi's favorite. Not big on these, though. But still good.

Rating:  Pesto = 9.5/10; Chicken Al Fredo = 10/10; Buffalo Wings = 10/10; Baked Mussels = 7/10

She Says: The Chicken Al Fredo is a new favorite! It's thick, creamy and tasty; However, the pesto was not bad. It was worth the price but it did not stand out to me in any way. The buffalo wings are good mainly because of the sauce. You get a whole bunch of flavors in every bite! Also, one of the few reasons I like their mussels is because of the generous serving. Besides the serving size, there is nothing else to make this order any different than the baked mussels you can find anywhere else.

Rating: Pesto = 8/10; Chicken Al Fredo = 10/10; Buffalo Wings = 8.5/10; Baked Mussels = 8/10


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