Saturday, July 7, 2012

7th High Lounge: Four Cheese Pizza, Carbonara & Cheeseburger Rolls

We were out on a Tuesday Night (Gab had work the next day, but he didn't pay no mind to it) with Mimi's good friend and boss, Marc AKA Bam-Bam, to watch our friend David's gig at 7th High Lounge. Normally, one wouldn't go to the 7th High Lounge to have dinner, unless you're loaded and plan on drinking as well. But surprisingly, it has some really good food at good prices (assuming you come in on a day where there is no cover charge).

Up for review: Four Cheese Pizza, Cheeseburger Spring Rolls & Carbonara.

four cheese Pizza

Four Cheese Pizza.





Cheeseburger Spring Rolls.




He Says: I'm actually surprised that the food at 7th High turned out pretty good. I thought the prices were outrageous at first, but to my surprise, it wasn't at all. The Four Cheese Pizza was probably one of the best pizza I've had in a long while. Really stringy cheese and cheese flavor bursting in your mouth. The Pizza was really crunchy too, adding that extra crisp to every bite. The Cheeseburger Spring Rolls were the BEST! Small, but pack a punch on flavors. The Carbonara was probably the biggest surprise for me. I thought it would just be that generic-bland flavored pasta dish served almost anywhere. It wasn't. Creamy, thick sauce with lots of bacon. Need I say more? It's really good.

Rating: Four-Cheese Pizza =  10/10; Carbonara = 9.5/10; Cheesburger Spring Rolls = 10/10

She Says: The food was not expensive as we thought it would be. The four cheese pizza triggered my taste buds as it reminded me of on of my favorite pizza places(Ponzo's). The cheese was so stringy and chewy, I loved every bite. The cheeseburger spring rolls are the best spring rolls i've had so far!  You could really taste the cheeseburger in every bite! The carbonara was very heavy on the stomach. You could really taste the ham and the bacon. Two thumbs up!

Rating: Four-Cheese Pizza =  10/10; Carbonara = 10/10; Cheesburger Spring Rolls = 10/10

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