Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Northern Brew: American Cheesy Burger, Three Cheese Pasta, Pesto Cheesesticks, Northern Frappe and the Retikano Green Shake

We were out on a Saturday Night (after a long time apart, because Gab is working now.) to celebrate our late Monthsary and Mimi's Birthday, so Gab decided to head back to place where he and his friends used to hanged out during the weekends. Its a little Cafe in Angeles City, where good food and good people get together. Its been around for years, so we can say thats its a namestay in Pampanga. Northern Brew is a little Cafe, hidden in a suburb of Angeles City. Serving the usual Coffee Drinks, it also has a variety of food items in the menu, as well as desserts to cater to your Sweet Tooth.

 Up for review, American Cheesy Burger, Three Cheese Pasta, Pesto Cheesesticks, Northern Frappe and the Retikano Green Shake. 

Northern Frappe

Pesto Cheese Sticks

American Cheesy Burger.

Three Cheese Pasta

Retikano Green Tea Shake.


He Says: Northern Brew has been a favorite High School. My friends and I have been going here since we first discovered it. I haven't seen back since 2006, and it's still great! The American Cheesy Burger has been my preference since my first visit. Juicy and made from Real Beef. Not the artificial stuff that most fast food joints sell. The Northern Frappe beats almost any coffee drink I've had. Real Coffee with complementing Coffee Jelly. Simply the best. The Pesto Cheese Sticks have been on the menu for a long while, but I just never got the chance to try them. They're really good. Its not the usual bland flavored rolls, its legit. The Three Cheese Pasta is rich and creamy. It has a slight hint of Pimiento, but the cheeziness sticks out. The Reitkano Green Tea Shake isn't what it seems. Normally, it might be a Green Tea flavored drink, but its sweet and buttery. Definitely trying this again.

Northern Frappe = 10/10; American Cheesy Burger = 10/10; Pesto Cheese Sticks = 10/10; Retikano Green Tea Shake = 10/10; Three Cheese Pasta = 10/10

She Says: It's good to try something new every so often and so we did. The northern frappe was good. The pesto cheese sticks is now a favorite. I wouldn't mid going back for more of those pesto cheese sticks. The American Cheesy Burger was very tasty and "beefy". haha. The three cheese pasta didn't quite meet my standards as a cheese lover. I tasted like green bell pepper and cream. The Rektikano Green Tea Shake was sweet and creamy. Very fattening. hahaha

Northern Frappe = 9/10; American Cheesy Burger = 9/10; Pesto Cheese Sticks = 10/10; Retikano Green Shake = 8/10; Three Cheese Pasta = 6/10


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