Friday, April 6, 2012

Spaghetti Factory: Spinach Dip, Carbonara & Beef and Mushroom Pasta

Here in the Philippines, Pizza & Pasta are one of our favorite dishes to eat. Whether is Sbarro's, Pizza Hut, Yellow Cab or Shakey's, we love our share good ol'fashioned Pizza and Pasta. Aside from these well-known places, there's a little Bistro you can find in the Makati Area. The Spaghetti Factory is one of Glorietta 5's Best Kept Secrets. Its a Pizza & Pasta place, similar to the likes of CIBO, Don Herico's and Pizzeria, the Spaghetti Factory tries to bring that Authentic Flavor at reasonable prices.

Right across Glorietta 4

Spinach Dip

They had this HUGE pepper dispenser. 


Beef and Mushroom


He Says: I was a little reluctant to try this place out. Needless to say, I did. The Spinach Dip wasn't the good. I thought it to be cheezy and creamy rather than bland and sorta milky. You'd be WAY better off with CIBO's take on it. The Carbonara was definitely something I looked forward to, and it delivered. The Bacon Bits are very good, despite not having the crunch and it very well complimented the sauce. Its good, but no real twists to it. Straight up Carbonara.

Rating: Spinach Dip = 4/10; Carbonara = 8/10

She Says: If you're craving for pasta and you're on a budget then The Spaghetti Factory is where you should head to! This definitely makes the craving go away and what I like about the store is that you can choose between the different kinds of noodles. As for the spinach dip, it had this weird flavor so we never got to finish it. 

Rating: Spinach Dip = 4/10; Beef and Mushroom = 9/10


  1. we didn't like spaghetti factory when we tried it few years ago so we never came back. i'd rather pick TOSH, pizza hut or sbarro for my affordable pasta fix :)


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