Thursday, April 5, 2012

Skyflakes Condensada

Normally, Skyflakes is better known for it's plain cracker flavor, but this time, they came out with Cracker Sandwiches. Gab first discovered the the SkyFlakes Condensada flavor when he was out playing Basketball. Lets see how this variant fares. 

Up for review: SkyFlakes Condensada.




He Says: I'm a big fan of SkyFlakes. I love to put different spreads on them, 'cause they basically taste salty. The Condensada Flavor was surprisingly good. Its Milky and a little Salty at the same time. Not something you'd expect from SkyFlakes, but it goes really well together. I just bought a couple to myself and it gets me going for quite sometime.

Rating = 8/10

She Says: I was intrigued when Gab told me about these crackers. It actually reminded me of Rebisco cream sandwiches I used to bring to school when I was younger.  This isn't something I would snack on because i'm not a fan of sweets and i'm not a fan of the taste of condensed milk.  

Rating = 6/10 


  1. i tried this too and it's good naman :) i prefer though rebisco sandwich (cream, butter or choco) or pandesal/ bread with condensed milk filling then toasted!


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