Friday, August 26, 2011

Jollibee: Chicken Nugget Crunchers and Watermelon

One Sunday Afternoon, we were with Mimi's Family and decided to lunch at the nearby Jollibee in Shell - Magallanes Village. We ordered our usual, with the exception of the new Jollibee Chicken Nugget Crunchers and the Watermelon Shake. The nuggets are packed in with carrots and BBQ Sauce and it's Jollibee's ploy to go up against McDonalds. Up for review, Jollibee Chicken Nugget Crunchers and Watermelon Shake.


He Says: The Nuggets weren't what they lived up to be for me. They're thin and small (compared to their competitor). Flavorless without the BBQ Sauce which I think tastes like McDonalds BBQ sauce. I think the Carrots didn't do it any justice. I probably won't be looking for this anytime soon. Moving on, the Watermelon Shake was pretty good although it tasted a little bit like Bubble Gum. Nothing wrong there, but the fact they called it a Watermelon Shake. With that aside, it's good enough to keep you cool.

Rating: Nuggets = 6/10; Watermelon Shake = 8/10

She Says: The nuggets are okay. They taste sorta like the nuggets in McDonalds. Only these were not as firm and they were a lot easier to chew. The BBQ sauce did taste like the one from McDonals. (I guess we just can't help but compare). The watermelon shake was good! It could be improved with a little more watermelon flavor but good :)

Rating: Nuggets = 6/10; Watermelon Shake = 8/10


  1. I agree with you pinkcookies the best pa rin ang mcdo but I go for their spaghetti.


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