Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flaming Wings: Hunger Buster Meals (Tenders) and Chicken Parmigiana

Flaming Wings has always been a favorite around the Taft Area. It's been around for quite some time and we have not eaten here in a VERY LONG TIME. Deciding to go back, we ordered our usual. The Hunger Buster Meal (Tenders) and the Chicken Parmigiana.

took them a while to clear our table

We bought twistix while waiting cause our order was taking so long!

Halfway though our twistix Mimi got her order.

Hunger Buster

Bleu Cheese Dip

Chicken Parmigiana


He Says: I'm disappointed with the Chicken Parmigiana. This has been my favorite from Flaming Wings and to come back to something that's bland, smaller in serving size and plain boring to eat, is something that really gets me. The Tenders Meal has improved in size though. They're slight bigger and more meaty for that it's definitely a plus. 

Rating: Parmigiana = 5/10; Tenders = 9/10

She Says: Now that a lot of people love eating there during their free time, they need to hire more staff. I believe that their branch in Taft is understaffed. The quality of their food is really good though. Their Hunger Buster Meal is so much better now than it was before! I can't say the same for the Chicken Parmigiana though. It decreased in size and you could hardly taste the sauce in the pasta. I'd recommend that you guys try the Double Porkchop if you're really hungry but i'm not so sure it it's gonna be the same as it was before.

Rating: Parmigiana = 5/10; Tenders = 9/10

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